"Tani Tach" is a brand that was founded by Tetiana Tkach - a young, creative, ambitious fashion designer and make-up artist based in Gothenburg, Sweden. She creates clothing for women that know and understand their sexuality, but at same time like comfort and freedom. Design defined by the ultra feminine silhouette, pure lines and attention to details.

Year by year she formed her own design and recognizable style – design that emphasizes the dignity of the female figure: flirty blouses, elegant skirts, strict and at the same time feminine suits, fashion tops, t-shirts and extraordinary accessories.

Contact us and create your personal "look" by the extraordinary stylistic decision. We prefer to work with natural high-quality fabrics that give chic to the outfits and comfort at the same time.

What we can offer you:

  • Clothing that you can order in our internet store
  • Ordering clothing with your size and favorite color
  • Creating individual design of clothing
  • Creating your outfit for special evenings and events
  • Day, evening, fashion and wedding make-up